Naruto Cosplays Summons Tsunade's Best Look

Naruto couldn't have known how popular its characters would become over the years, but its leads have become icons within the anime industry. From Team 7 to the Hokages, there are plenty of impressive ninjas in the Narutoverse, and every fan has their favorite. As you can imagine, some heroes fare better with fans than others, and one cosplayer is making their favorite known with a special cosplay of Tsunade.

The piece comes from Instagram user alexy_sky. The cosplayer is well-known for their anime takes, and they have done several takes on Naruto before. Now, the fan has decided to take on Tsunade for once, and her cosplay pictures the Sannin just before she assumes the mantle of Hokage.

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As you can see, the Naruto cosplay involves long blonde hair that is split into two ties. The wig comes complete with bangs which frame Tsunade's face, and its pale color frames the purple seal on her face. The fan also did a neutral face of makeup that flatters Tsunade's honey-brown eyes.

The rest of the Naruto cosplay involves Tsunade's usual outfit. She is wearing a green robe of sorts with a v-neck tunic underneath. The top is secured with a waist cinch, and the cosplay tops off with Tsunade's necklace. The jewelry is best-known as one of Tsunade's prized possessions. So when the Sannin chose to give the jewelry to Naruto, well - fans knew Tsunade and the boy were going to have an important bond.

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