You Could Win an Evangelion-themed Car Soon

Neon Genesis Evangelion has seen a resurgence as of late thanks to Netflix's acquisition of the [...]

Neon Genesis Evangelion has seen a resurgence as of late thanks to Netflix's acquisition of the legendary anime sesries that depicts a stark, harsh world wherein the possible saviors of the world are dealing with their own inner, emotional turmoil. While the series itself is a dark tale featuring mech suits fighting against extraterrestrial threats, Evangelion still manages to find new ways into the public zeitgeist. Now, fans can own one of these Eva-themed items with an Eva-stylized car that was part of a 2011 campaign for the series!

Twitter User EvaMonkey shared the details regarding how Evangelion fans can have a chance to win this amazingly designed Toyota Prius that takes the colors of Shinji's Eva Unit 01 and put them to glorious effect on a car that would drop any Eva fan's jaws:

Evangelion may have dropped onto Netflix to a mixed reception, as some changes were made to both the theme songs and dubbed versions of the outing, but it still has managed to bring a brand new generation of viewers into the world of NERV and their struggle against the "angels". Though the battles themselves were bloody, the colors and appearances of the Eva Units were stunning and still are distinctive to this day in the world of anime mech franchises.

Will you be trying to win this Evangelion themed car? Would you like to see a fleet of Eva styled vehicles created? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Evangelion!

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a psychological drama by way of giant monster versus mech anime. The franchise debuted as a television series in 1995-1996 with two films following in 1997. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth is an one-part drastically abridged retelling of the first 24 episodes of the television series, and one part new animation. The End of Evangelion, the second film, would incorporate some of Death & Rebirth's original animation and offer an alternate take on the original series' controversial final two episodes.

The series follows Shinji Ikari, who is recruited by his father to pilot the giant mech Evangelion in the fight against giant monsters known as Angels in the futuristic city of Tokyo-3. But Shinji is unwilling to bear this huge responsibility and is often conflicted about taking part in a war he was dragged into. This conflict of emotions leads to many introspective episodes that cover the range of religious, philosophical, and existential concepts.