Netflix Reveals Live-Action 'Erased' Poster & Premiere Date

Netflix may not have impressed fans with its take on Death Note, but it may have better luck with ERASED. The company's Japanese division is tackling a live-action adaptation of the franchise, and its first visual has been released.

As you can see below, the poster for ERASED highlights Satoru Fujinuma and Kayo Hinazuki (via ANN). It also confirms the series will debut on Netflix on December 15 and go live in 190 countries around the world. So far, it seems like U.S. fans will be able to check out the series, so they can give the adaptation an honest evaluation ahead of the New Year.

According to Netflix, the live-action adaptation will adapt all of Kei Sanbe's story as well as its epilogue. The series also sports an impressive cast as Reo Uchikawa will play Satoru as a child while Mio Yuki plays Airi Katagiri and Rinka Kakihara plays Kayo Hinazuki as a child. Shigeyuki Totsugi, Yuki Furukawa, Tomoka Kurotani, Noriko Eguchi, Jin Shirasu, and Hidekazu Mishima also star in the series.

(Photo: Netflix )

If you are not familiar with ERASED, then you should know the series is the perfect blend of supernatural mystery and murder-filled mayhem. The original manga follows Satoru as the 29-year-old artist discovers he has a rather special gift. The manga creator can turn back time to before a life-threatening event occurs. Satoru is suddenly thrust into the past after his mother is murdered after she discovers a serial kidnapper, and the boy is given the chance to save the lives of three childhood friends.

Kansai TV and Cocoon oversaw the production of Netflix's ERASED, and Ten Shimoyama directed the series. The new project isn't the first time ERASED has been brought into live-action. Back in March, a live-action film inspired by the manga debuted in Japan.


Netflix is digging deep into anime these days both domestically and abroad. Earlier this year, the company confirmed much of its fiscal budget for 2018 would be dedicated to creating 30 original anime projects. Franchises like Saint Seiya will soon find their home with the streaming site, and Mob Psycho 100 recently confirmed it will debut its first live-action project on Netflix later next year.