Netflix's One Piece Season 2 Set Photo Teases a Big New Pirate Crew

Netflix's One Piece season two is expected to go live in 2025.

Netflix's One Piece has a lot on its plate right now. For weeks now, rumors have circulated that One Piece season two is gearing up for filming, and it seems those reports were right. Down in South Africa, the set where One Piece is filmed is buzzing with life once again. The Going Merry is back in business, and thanks to a new set photo, we know season two of One Piece will feature a very big crew who fans will recognize off the bat.

So be warned! There are likely spoilers below for Netflix's One Piece. Read on with caution!

As you can see below, the team at OP Netflix Fan sourced set photos from Cape Town, South Africa. This locale houses the set for One Piece, and as you can tell, the location has a new ship on hand. The massive ship may not look like much from afar, but after looking at its figurehead, well – things should become apparent.

The ship photographed on set for One Piece is none other than the Rumbar Pirates' ship. It is hard to mistake the ship's skull figurehead, and of course, the ship's paint job lines up. It seems the Rumbar Pirates will be featured in One Piece season two, and fans are admittedly surprised by the whole push.

After all, the Rumbar Pirates do have quite the legacy in One Piece. The group does appear in a brief flashback during the Arabasta saga, but for the most part, the Rumbar Pirates are explored during the Thriller Bark saga. After all, the crew hosted Brook years ago, and we all know the musician becomes a member of the Straw Hat crew down the line.

As for why season two is tapping the Rumbar Pirates, well – there is reason. The crew is closely tied to a whale named Laboon that we meet during the Arabasta saga. In the manga, we get a tiny flashback of the Rumbar Pirates when the Straw Hat crew meets Laboon, but it is hardly worth noting. If Netflix took the trouble to build a Rumbar Pirates ship for season two, well – One Piece fans are thinking the manga's flashback might be expanded in live action. 

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