One Piece Cosplay Highlights Nami's Best Makeovers Over the Years

This awesome One Piece cosplay shows off Nami's best looks!

One Piece has given the Straw Hats makeovers with each new arc of the series over the years, and one awesome cosplay is helping to highlight some of Nami's best makeovers! One Piece has officially kicked off the first arc of the Final Saga for Eiichiro Oda's original manga series, and it's really starting to feel like the end of it all is near. It's a wild concept when you consider how far Luffy and the Straw Hats have come since the series starting nearly 30 years ago. And even wilder when you consider how much more ground there still is left to cover in the future. 

Each member of the Straw Hats has grown over the course of their long journey together with Luffy, and no one seems better reflective of that than Nami. She's become a much different kind of person in the crew than when it all began, and has shown off all sorts of different looks corresponding to each of her major adventures in the series. Helping fans take that fun trip down memory lane is artist thechrissymourns on TikTok, who has tapped into some of Nami's best makeovers with awesome cosplay. Check it out: 


“how many Nami outfits you want?” me: YES🤩 #onepiece #op #nami #namionepiece #strawhats #monkeydluffy #monkeydluffy

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Where to Watch One Piece

If you wanted to keep up with Nami in the latest events of the anime, you can find the newest episodes of the One Piece anime now streaming with Crunchyroll and Netflix. The newest arc of the anime, Egghead, introduces several new faces to the series with additions to the cast such as Yohei Tadano as Dr. Vegapunk, Shuhei Sakaguchi as Shaka, Aya Hirano as Lilith, Ryoko Shiraishi as Edison, Tokuyoshi Kawashima as Pythagoras, Kaede Hondo as Atlas, Mutsumi Tamura as York, and more among many of the other characters we'll see in action as things get more chaotic. 

If you wanted to go back and check out more of the One Piece anime from the very beginning (along with various OVAs, movies, and other specials), you can find the entire back catalog streaming with Crunchyroll with both Japanese and English language dubbed audio. You can also find the newest chapters of the One Piece manga (with the three most recent chapters being available for free) with Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library if you wanted to read ahead to see what's coming next for the Egghead Arc instead of waiting for more of the anime.