Mark Millar's Super Crooks Anime Confirms Netflix Release Date With First Trailer

Netflix just gave fans a first look at Super Crooks. The anime adaptation of Mark Millar and Leinil Yu's work has been given a bit of a modern palette. Motonobu Hori is aboard to direct and Dai Sato will be handing the story for this show. Iowa Tei is composing the score, an essential element of many spy thrillers and heist films. Yu is still supervising the character designs for their series, but Takashi Mitani will be tweaking some of the designs subtly. Fans of BONES are probably already in on this whole deal after seeing them handling this series. There's a lot to be excited about and Netflix loaded up the slate with a ton of anticipated titles. Ultraman and Aggretsuko are getting new seasons as well. 

When speaking at the event, Millar shared how his vision for the project has changed over time.  "I planned this as a kind of low-budget, European movie, because it was originally set in Tenerife, near Spain," Millar explained. "But over the years, it kind of morphed into becoming an anime series."

He continued, "I'm a massive animation fan, and I'm in love with Japan," Millar said, adding "I can't really think of many examples of traditional American superhero characters done in a Japanese style. And it's so cool, it's just amazing because it's two things I love being smashed together, which I think is really interesting."

If you're wondering just what Netflix has planned, Icon Comics has a synopsis of the original books.

"One last heist. That's what they all say, right? Just one final score, and everyone can retire and take up fishing. Thing is, the jails are filled with super villains who thought the same thing, and got busted. But the Heat's in a jam. He's run up the kind of gambling debt that - if he can't pay it back in cash - will be paid in blood. Nobody wants to see the most beloved supercrook of all time rubbed out by the mob - especially his biggest fan, Johnny Bolt. And Johnny's got a plan to help the Heat and make all his buddies disgustingly rich at the same time. Unfortunately for Johnny's recruits, they have to head to Spain and rob the world's most notorious super villain blind. And that's where things get tricky."

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