New Pokemon Anime Releases First Teaser Trailer

Pokemon has a long history behind it, and fans have trouble keeping up with everything to this day. When talking about the anime alone, the TV series has well over 1,000 episodes to its name, and there are more to come. A brand-new Pokemon anime is on the way, and fans were shown the project's first teaser trailer today.

Over on Youtube, the official page for Pokemon shared the teaser with fans. The clip, which can be seen above, is a very simple one which shows how different this anime will be.

According to the trailer, every starter will be seen in this Pokemon anime including the Gala region. In total, that means eight regions will be shown in this one season, and fans are stunned by the massive shake up.

The end of the teaser also confirms this anime will be named Pokemon, or rather Pocket Monsters, in Japan. This is the name which the original season of Pokemon had in Japan while subsequent releases included add-ons. Right now, the currently anime airing is Pokemon: Sun and Moon, and it is entering further into its Alolan League arc by the week.

As for this announcement, fans were warned something big would be announced for the Pokemon anime this weekend, but many expected the update to be about the end of Pokemon: Sun and Moon. After all, anime seasons in the franchise traditionally end after their League arc wraps, and there is a new generation to explore. This year, Pokemon: Sword and Shield will go live, and fans fully expected to hear news of an anime adaptation for Generation 8. But as it turns out, that adaptation will cover Galar and then some.


This name change and format shift have fans more than curious about what's to come for Pokemon. So far, the franchise hasn't said this new anime will be a reboot of the original series, and there is no word on if it is an entirely new title all together. The Pokemon Company did confirm more details about the show will be shared on September 29, so fans will want to keep an eye on the series until then.

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