One Piece Explores the Fallout of Luffy's Defeat

One Piece has never been shy about Kaido's power, and he has shown off that strength firsthand as of late. The manga has given the Yonko ample time to show off, and it fell to Luffy to fight back against the captain. The only issue is that Luffy lost his second round with Kaido, and we're only now learning about its fallout.

The big update came in One Piece chapter 1014 this week. Fans watched as the manga began with a look at Kaido and Luffy. The Straw Hat captain has been thrown into the sea after a total KO by Kaido, so it makes sense everyone was shocked by the announcement.

One Piece Wano Luffy Cosplay
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Kaido used the Marys to spread the news, and the Straw Hats were visibly shocked by the news. None of them are handy to help Luffy out of the ocean, so his odds of survival are dwindling. After all, the pirate cannot swim thanks to his Devil Fruit, but there is hope yet.

One Piece isn't about to let Luffy die, and the usual suspects aren't able to help him. Yamato is busy with Momo while. Sanji and Zoro are inside Onigaishima. Still, there is one pirate free, and that is Trafalgar Law. It isn't impossible to think the captain might rescue Luffy with his submarine and give the hero medical treatment on the spot.

Even with a rescue imminent, Luffy is still in a bad way, so it is going to take him some time to recover. In the meantime, it seems like Momonosuke has found something important in his dad's journal, and Big Mom isn't worried in the least about Kaido. We've still got a lot to do before the Yonko can be defeated, but Luffy's. Two-to-zero loss is weighing heavily on his friends right about now.


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