One Piece Makes Odd Edit to Roger's Design in Wano Arc

Over the last year, fans have been courted by One Piece thanks to its new arc, and Wano has yet to disappoint. The story has captivated anime and manga lovers alike with its rich setting and complicated story. Of course, the anime is currently busy dealing with a flashback arc of sorts regarding Oden. But strangely enough, it seems the anime made a change to Gold Roger which few even noticed.

The whole issue came to light when One Piece put out its most recent episode. It was there fans watched as Roger was informed all about Oden and his tenure with the Whitebeard crew. It turns out Roger is eager to meet the samurai, but fans were more preoccupied by Roger's design than anything.

As you can see above, the anime portrayed Roger as usual with his white ascot and all. The handkerchief is commonly seen on the pirate in the anime, but that is not how the manga portrayed the man. In fact, the manga showed Roger looking the same on page as he did in the anime recently, but the ascot is missing.

Instead, Roger is shown wearing a beaded necklace in the manga. The jewelry definitely suits the pirate and even calls back to his son's iconic look. As you may recall, Ace wore a chunky beaded necklace during his heyday, and it seems Roger did the same. However, the anime chose to forego the jewelry and had Roger wear an ascot instead.


Fans were quick to question the strange change, and a slew of theories have gone live about the shift. Some fans believe the decision was made given how Roger usually wears the tie in the anime. Another issue came up regarding the difficulty of animating the beaded necklace, but others believe the change was a simple oversight. After all, the episode promo shows the pirate wearing the jewelry, so fans will get to see how this mystery is resolved soon!

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