One Piece's New Opening Shares First Full Look at Oden

The current story line of One Piece in Wano Country has been throwing the Straw Hat Pirates into [...]

The current story line of One Piece in Wano Country has been throwing the Straw Hat Pirates into more dangerous battles as the arc has moved forward and with the newest opening for the anime giving us some big hints as to events that have taken place in the manga, we get full look into the man who started it all with Kozuki Oden. The father of Momonosuke and the wandering Daimyo who put everything on the line and gave his life in a dream of opening his country's borders, we'll learn much more about this warrior in the upcoming episodes of the anime!

Oden himself might be long dead, having fallen years ago at the hands of Orochi and the Beast Pirates with their leader Kaido, but his legacy has marched forward with his son attempting to fulfill the dreams of his dearly departed dad. The latest opening for the anime shows us not only our first full look at what might be Wano's most famous inhabitant, but also hints at some big events from the past being presented to fans in the form of Whitebeard squaring off against Gol D. Roger, as well as surprises that are coming in full force for the Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece Wano New Look Oden
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Within the pages of the manga, the story of Kozuki Oden has been told, walking us through the jubilant, albeit tragic, life and death of the man who failed to accomplish his dream in the face of the evil Shogun known as Orochi. Without going too deep into spoiler territory, the feats that Oden accomplishes in his life has fans believing that he is truly one of the greatest characters created within the One Piece franchise. As Luffy and his crew have vowed to help accomplish Oden's goals, it's clear that there are going to be some down right brutal fights within the isolated nation's borders before the end of the arc.

Oden himself not only had a rich history within Wano, but also traversed across the seas of the Grand Line and came into contact with some of the most legendary pirates within the franchise, giving readers a much better look into One Piece's past. We definitely can't wait to see how these events are portrayed in upcoming episodes of the anime!

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