One Piece Anime to Take a Two-Week Hiatus

One Piece is living a great life on the high seas, but it turns out the Straw Hat crew will be [...]

One Piece is living a great life on the high seas, but it turns out the Straw Hat crew will be taking a break from the small screen for a couple of weeks. Over the weekend, fans were greeted with a brand-new episode of the Wano arc, and it introduced some big surprises. As you can imagine, fans were very excited to see what was coming next for the hit series, but One Piece is taking a two-week break in Japan.

So yes, if you need to cry then get it out. Sure, the wait won't be that long, but the Wano arc is too good to miss for even a week let alone two!

For those curious about the hiatus, One Piece is taking the break thanks to some conflicting TV scheduling. Japan will be hosting a televised sports competition for the next two weeks during One Piece's usual time slot. Rather than adjust the show's time, Toei Animation and TV Tokyo will be pushing the anime back a couple of weeks.

Of course, fans are all kinds of bummed about the delay, but this is not the first time anime has been delayed over a sports event. In fact, shows like Vinland Saga and Force Force have been pushed back for the same reason. The shows got back on schedule once the sporting event was done, so fans just had to wait patiently.

One Piece fans can get through the dry spell if they try, but next week will be a hard one. The anime will be off-air, and the manga will be on an off week. Earlier this week, fans were given a major chapter of the series, and One Piece did say it would return with a new one on March 1. Unfortunately, the powers at be have since delayed the new chapter a week, so the release will not drop until March 8.

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