'One Piece' Creator Confirms Manga's Next Arc

If you have been keeping up with One Piece, then you know the series has been trudging this the ‘Whole Cake Island’ arc for some time. Eiichiro Oda has been going on for some time, but it looks like the manga will focus its attention elsewhere soon enough.

After all, Oda did stress One Piece’s new arc will begin next year.

Recently, fans heard from the creator that One Piece’s next arc is closer than they may think. Oda announced that the series will being its long-awaited ‘Wano’ arc in 2018. Jump Festa held a massive panel for the franchise to usher in a series of announcements, and Oda submitted a hand-written letter confirming the ‘Wano’ story’s arrival.

“By the way, One Piece will finally enter ‘Wano’ next year,” Oda admitted.

“Some well-informed audience might think, ‘You said the same thing last year, right?’ Yes, I did say that because I thought One Piece would be able to enter Wano in 2017. This time I’d like to add new information.”

Fans have known about the ‘Wano’ arc for some time, but it has evaded their grasp for awhile. Oda has hoped the new story would begin in 2017, but the ‘Whole Cake Island’ arc expanded unexpectedly thanks to its Yonko ties. Earlier this year, a more recent interview with Oda seemed to hint the ‘Wano’ arc may not come until 2019, but it seems the artist is standing firm on his new release schedule.


If you are not caught up with One Piece, you should know the series is operating after a length time-skip which put the Straw Hat crew in the New World. Luffy and his gang are now going up against Big Mom and her pirate crew after the villain helped lure Sanji away from the team. Under the promise of marriage, the chef left Luffy to marry into the Charlotte family through Pudding, but Sanji learned his engagement was not as clear-cut as he was led to believe. The series is now dealing with the fallout of Sanji's up-turned wedding, and Big Mom is not keen on the Straw Hat pirates leaving her domain alive.

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