One Piece Artwork Imagines a Wano Country Flash-Forward

The Wano Country Arc is one of, if not the, best story arcs that has taken place in the popular pirate franchise of One Piece. Aside from bringing back a good number of old favorite pirates, both heroes and villains alike, the feudalistic, isolationist nation has presented a nearly insurmountable amount of challenges for Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates to overcome. Now, one fan has decided to take two of the newest characters introduced in the Wano Arc and see just what they would look like if they were aged up, having a time skip all their own.

Reddit User Rapondaeoct decided to share their interpretation of both O-Tama and Momonosuke at twenty years old, showing what each of these characters would look like if they were old enough to join the Straw Hat Pirates themselves and hopefully turn the tide of Wano Country:

O-Tama and Momonosuke 20 years old from r/OnePiece

O-Tama and Momonosuke are two interesting characters, with O-Tama being deeply linked to Luffy's brother Arc and the latter actually travelling to the present from the past. O-Tama originally encountered Ace prior to Luffy and crew's arrival at Wano country, with the older brother of Monkey promising to liberate the country. Of course, with Ace's death, this promise had to go unfulfilled by the fire wielding pirate, but Luffy is looking to finish his brother's work.

Momonosuke is the son of a past daimyo of Wano and has the power to transform into a dragon thanks to a Devil Fruit he came into contact with. We're sure to see more of these two as the Wano Arc continues in both the anime and the manga, though we'll cross our fingers that they'll both make it out of one of the most dangerous stories of One Piece alive!


What do you think of these aged up versions of the two newest residents of Wano that have been introduced to the series? What other Wano characters would you like to see given a time skip? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the Straw Hat Pirates!

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