One Piece Reveals Carrot's Huge New Role

One Piece has kicked off its final saga in full and as the series prepares to move on from Wano, the newest chapter of the series surprised with Carrot's major new role for the future! The final saga of the series is now fully underway as series creator Eiichiro Oda has already started dropping some major hints for the grand finale of the franchise overall. This also means that Luffy and the Straw Hats will be saying goodbye to the isolated island they have spent so much time on, and this goodbye is going to lead to some unexpected shake ups for the crew's future.

The first chapters of the final saga thus far have been putting the final cap on the events of the Wano Country arc while teasing some big events for Luffy and the rest of the crew's future, but it seems like Carrot will no longer be a part of their journey. While many fans had been hoping that she would actually become a full member of the crew given how much she's added since joining the fray following the events of the Zou arc, Carrot has a set future with Zou itself as she has been named the new King heading into the future. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1056 of One Piece takes place some time after the parties and Admiral Ryokugyu had been fought off by the final Akazaya Nine members and Momonosuke, and that means it's finally time to begin Wano's proper recovery. It's an especially important time for Nekomamushi and Inuarashi. During the events of the arc it was revealed that while they served as the Mokomo Dukedom's two rulers, the two of them actually had deeper ties to Wano and once served as Oden Kozuki's retainers. With Momonosuke now back in charge, the two want to stay and serve as his retainers.

Thus the two of them then tell Carrot that they want her to serve as the new King of the Dukedom. Carrot protests because she believes there are fighters much stronger than her, but the rest of the Minks disagree. Noting that her experience in the outside world will serve her well in this role, and that she carries on Pedro's will, Carrot taking on this role with an active Mink force serving around her would be the best way to move the Dukedom into the future without their previous rulers. 

It's certainly a much more distinct future for Carrot than many expected, and also opens up a new spot on the crew for a potential other new member fans have been asking for. But what do you think of Carrot's new promotion? Were you hoping to see her join the Straw Hat crew instead?