One Piece Reveals Gear Fifth's Official Colors

The War For Wano Arc didn't just see the Straw Hat Pirates struggling with their most difficult battle over the course of One Piece, it also gave us a brand new transformation for Luffy in his Gear Fifth form. With the manga routinely printed in black and white, many fans have been wondering what the full-color version of Monkey's fifth transformation looks like with some new merchandise seemingly revealing how the new form will look when it debuts in the anime adaptation proper.

Gear Fifth's arrival didn't just give Luffy his most powerful weapon in the fight against Kaido, captain of the Beast Pirates, it also revealed new secrets when it came to the Devil Fruit that Monkey had ingested so many years ago. Luffy's Devil Fruit is actually a Mystical Zoan Fruit, granting him the ability of the Sun God Nika and granting him wild abilities as a result. Besides being able to increase his size to gigantic proportions and even clutch lightning bolts from the sky, Luffy can also change the substance of things that he touches into a rubber-type material, not unlike that of his own body.

Twitter User New World Artur shared new merchandise images that reveal that Luffy's Gear Fifth transformation changes the color of his hair and his clothing to white, giving the Straw Hat Captain a look unlike anything that we've seen before within the history of One Piece: 

Currently, One Piece is on hiatus for a very important reason as creator Eiichiro Oda is currently working on the grand finale for the journey of the Straw Hat Pirates, confirming that his long-running Shonen franchise is coming to an end. With rumors swirling about what battles Luffy will face in this final storyline, it's a good thing that the Straw Hat now has this wildly powerful transformation at his disposal considering how big the last arc will surely be.

What do you think of the official color scheme for Luffy's most powerful Gear transformation to date? What's your favorite Gear of Luffy's so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Grand Line.