One Piece Summons Gear Fifth Luffy to Life in New Fan-Anime

Gear Fifth is Luffy's most powerful transformation, introduced in One Piece's War For Wano Arc during the Straw Hat Pirate Captain's battle against the all-powerful swashbuckler known as Kaido. With the arrival only a few episodes away, one fan animator has taken the opportunity to imagine what Gear Fifth might look like in motion. While the manga has already brought the War For Wano to a close, the anime adaptation still has some major moments to bring to life on the small screen.

Gear Fifth, for those who might not be familiar with Luffy's latest and most powerful form, transforms the Straw Hat Captain into a living cartoon, granting Monkey the power to hurl lightning bolts from the sky, transform anything he touches into rubber, and allow him to effectively change reality in his favor. Despite this major power-up, the battle against Kaido is far from finished, as the Beast Pirate Captain's hybrid form easily makes him far more powerful than either his human and/or dragon form. While the conclusion to the War For Wano might still be quite a few episodes away, the finale for the years-long arc is now within sight on the small screen.

Jovzky Animation took the opportunity to imagine what Luffy's Gear Fifth transformation might look like in full motion, with the arrival of the form set to hit One Piece sooner rather than later and giving Monkey a complete makeover that transforms his hair and outfit white while giving him the strangest powers we've seen in the series to date:

Eiichiro Oda hasn't been shy about the fact that he is finally planning on bringing One Piece to an end, with the mangaka spending over two decades following the journey of Luffy as he unites the Straw Hats in a bid to make himself the king of the pirates. Claiming to have around three years of story left before the Straw Hat Pirates sail into the sunset, the latest chapters have brought back several heroes and villains that prove that Oda is going all-out when it comes to ending the Shonen juggernaut with a bang.

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