One Piece Anime Shares Its Most Eye-Popping Scene Yet

One Piece Episode 1072 uses Gear 5 Luffy to debut the anime's most eye-popping scene yet.

One Piece is now working its way through the climax of Gear 5 Luffy and Kaido's fight on the roof of Onigashima's Skull Dome, and the newest episode surprised fans with the anime's most eye-popping scene in the series yet! Eiichiro Oda's long running One Piece franchise is no stranger to surprises with all of the shocking moments fans have seen take place over the decades, but Luffy's unlocking Gear 5 has been on a whole new kind of level. Gear 5 has given Luffy all kinds of ridiculous new abilities, and they have an effect on the world around him too

One Piece previously introduced Gear 5 Luffy to the anime with a taste of what Luffy's new abilities would be like, but One Piece Episode 1072 continues the fight against Kaido with even more demonstrations of what this form can really do. As Luffy continues to discover what he can actually accomplish with his newly awakened power (power that Kaido is even having a hard time figuring out), the anime's showcasing that it's making the rest of the world around him more cartoon like as well with a very eye-opening discovery from Nami and the others: 

One Piece: What Is Gear 5 Luffy's Power? 

One Piece Episode 1072 continues the fight between Gear 5 Luffy and Kaido, and at one point Luffy charges head first into a Ragnarok launched by Kaido. This move previously did a ton of damage to Luffy and nearly killed him before, but it's a different case with Gear 5. Not only does Luffy take this attack head on, but he bounces back. Since he had turned giant beforehand, Gear 5 Luffy's gigantic head is knocked back and through the roof of the Skull Dome. It's here his cartoonish new powers hit everyone else. 

As those on the entertainment floors see Luffy's giant head breaking through the Skull Dome, Nami's eyes are seen popping out of her head before everyone else's eyes do the same before long. It's hilariously showcasing how Luffy's abilities start having an impact on everything around him without his really trying to do so, and he's quickly figuring out how to use this power as the fight rolls on. 

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