One Piece Shows Off Hyogoro's Strength in Stunning Scene

One Piece's latest string of episodes have seen Luffy trying his best to train toward a new use of the Color of Arms Haki, and as a surprising example of this, the newest episode of the series showed off the strength of Old Man Hyo's own Haki. Ever since Queen's deadly Sumo Inferno began, Luffy took it as a way to better train himself for a rematch against Kaido in which he wants to be able to break through the foe's tough skin. When explaining his frustration about it to Old Man Hyo, Hyo reveals that he knows all about Haki.

The reason he didn't catch on before was that he doesn't know this energy as Haki, but instead it's called something else in Wano. But when Luffy reveals that he wants to hit his enemies without really hitting them, Hyo then reveals that he actually mastered a form of that alongside his sword training years ago. It's then that Hyo begins his jump toward the two Gifters and surprised everyone watching the Sumo Inferno.

With the help of Luffy's future sight from his Observation Haki, Hyo changes his Haki into his palm and it begins to bloom with a pink aura with smaller petals coming off of it. Placing his palm on one of the Gifters, his Haki energy then rips right through the Gifter and knocks it to the ground. Seeing the display, the prisoners there put two and two together and realize how important this old man truly is.

It was revealed in a previous episode that Hyogoro of the Flower was one of the many allies to Oden back in Wano's past, but has mysterious disappeared. With the showing off of his strength, it's confirmed that the old man Luffy has been protecting all this time is actually the same Hyogoro of the Flower that was previously mentioned. Without even realizing it, Luffy made a super powerful ally who now holds the key to making Luffy stronger!


What did you think of Hyogoro's stunning display of strength? Are you excited to see what Hyo will be teaching Luffy for his next phase of Haki training? Wondering what Haki will look like in the rest of the One Piece anime from now on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!