One Piece Finds Luffy a New Haki Teacher in Wano

One Piece has had Luffy making the most of his time in Udon Prison by training to strengthen his Color of Arms Haki to a point where he can hit opponents without touching them. Luckily, the newest episode of the anime has found Luffy exactly what he needed by giving him a surprising teacher. As we have seen in the last few arcs, Luffy has been training different types of Haki and mastering them in the middle of the action. But he learned that this would not be the case with Kaido, so he wants to figure it out before their rematch.

When he explained his frustrations to the old man he's been protecting this entire time, he learns that Hyo is not only one of the most powerful warriors from Wano 20 years ago, but that Hyo will be able to show him how to use this new kind of Haki technique. Luffy's found himself a new teacher.

Episode 936 of the series sees Hyo take on one of the Gifters after he explains that although they don't know it as Haki, the samurai of Wano train to use an ability to strengthen their swords through their body. He also revealed that this is something that he has worked his entire life on, and goes on to show off his Haki skills with a powerful demonstration of force. Upon seeing Hyo, who is confirmed to be the powerful warrior Hyogoro of the Flower from 20 years ago, use this technique successfully Luffy is indeed impressed.

One Piece Luffy New Haki Teacher Hyogoro Wano Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Hyogoro tells Luffy that if this is something Luffy wants to do, then perhaps he could help with that. This means that Luffy is now on his way to learning how to use Haki in this particular way. He needs to master this quickly not only to be ready for the final battle against Kaido (so he can break through his scales), but for when the war for Wano truly begins. It's a race against the clock too because all the while they still have explosive collars on their next.


How do you feel about Hyogoro teaching Luffy how to use Haki in this way? Excited to see how much stronger Luffy is going to become one he masters this technique? Do you think he will be ready in time for the final battle against Kaido? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!