One Piece Reveals a New Heartbreaking Fact About Yasuie

The Wano Arc has given us plenty of new heroes and villains within the ever-expanding universe of One Piece, and it seems that the Daimyo Yasuie had a tragic secret that he held to the grave, as was revealed in a recent bio written about the tragic figure who once followed Kozuki Oden. Though Yasuie was killed as punishment by the evil Shogun Orochi, his impending demise wasn't enough to stop him from smiling as numerous members of Wano's population looked on in terror as one of the most beloved figures of the isolated nation met their end.

Like Kozuki Oden himself, we were able to see Yasuie in his younger days, working alongside his master and trying to have the wandering samurai remain serious during his quest to become the new Shogun of Wano while also trying to open up the borders of their country to the world at large. During Yasuie's last moments crucified before the citizens of Wano, he smiled and laughed without a care in the world, but was still ultimately shot to bring an end to his life. As we see during the flashbacks, Yasuie was responsible for the Vassals of Oden joining together to assist their master, making his death all the more tragic in the present of the Wano Arc as they looked on, unable to save his life. With his adopted daughter Toko looking on, never letting the smile leave her mouth, it remains one of the most tragic scenes of the series.

One Reddit User was able to share this latest page regarding Yasuie's biography which reveals the secret that the right-hand man to Oden was smiling in order to hold back the pain and make others around him feel at ease regardless of the circumstance:

Goddamit... He was pretending to smile... Holding back tears atm. (Oficial Vivre Cards - info in comments) from r/OnePiece

As the page explains, Yasuie wasn't a Smile user, but rather, forced himself to laugh and smile throughout his life for the benefit of others. Even when he died, his adopted daughter Toko and the other denizens of the small town within Wano laughed and smiled in order to honor his life that he dedicated to helping others.

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