'One Piece' Spoilers Detail A Surprising Straw Hat Shake-Up

It has been quite awhile since fans saw Monkey D. Luffy make changes to his crew. After all of [...]

It has been quite awhile since fans saw Monkey D. Luffy make changes to his crew. After all of these years, the hero has become quite attached to his current crew, but that does not mean Luffy is fine with the squad the way it is. When it comes to adding more nakama, the shonen icon is open welcoming others, and fans have been waiting for Jinbe to sail off with the Straw Hats as such.

So, if you want to know how the crew just changed, then you will need to look over the spoilers below!

Recently, a slew of spoilers apparently dropped for this week's new chapter of One Piece. This week, Weekly Shonen Jump is poised to debut the manga's 900th chapter, and many had hoped Eiichiro Oda would use the milestone moment to make a very official crew addition with Jinbe. However, it seems the opposite just happened.

According to spoilers, chapter 900 does see Jinbe accept his place under Luffy's command, but he stops short at joining the crew. After the Thousand Sunny managed to avoid a big attack from Big Mom's crew, Jinbe decides he will stay back with the Sun Pirates to ensure the Straw Hat gang can escape from Cacao Island safely. The honorable pirate was not willing to sacrifice the life of his fellow fishman, and Jinbe decided his best option to protect everyone would be to stay back.

Naturally, the Straw Hat crew is not fond of the decision, but Luffy isn't about to commandeer Jinbe from his choice. Instead, the spoilers detail the hero's surprising reaction. Luffy tells Jinbe he is now the fishman's captain and that the Straw Hat crew is going to sail towards Wano now. It is only then Luffy tells Jinbe to meet up with the crew there and that he isn't allowed to die by Big Mom's hand because they still have to reunite.

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