One Piece Gives Chopper Sweet and Satisfying Revenge on Queen

One Piece gave Chopper some sweet and satisfying revenge on Queen with its newest chapter. [...]

One Piece gave Chopper some sweet and satisfying revenge on Queen with its newest chapter. Onigashima is now in full on chaos as fights have begun to break out all over and the final fight between Big Mom, Kaido and five of the Worse Generation is now breaking out on top of the skull dome. One of these fights was better Chopper and Queen as the Straw Hat doctor unexpectedly came across Queen's various virus laced weaponry. When we had last seen Chopper in action, he was doing his best to cure Queen's deadly ice oni disease.

The newest chapter of the series has resumed this clash of ideologies and science between Chopper and Queen, and it allowed Chopper some sweet revenge against the plague Queen had inflicted him with. With Chopper successfully curing the disease that even Queen didn't think it was possible to find a quick cure for, Chopper was able to have the last laugh and land the last hit.

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Chapter 1007 of the series sees Chopper cure the icy demon plague just in time as he quickly found a way to fight the virus with one of his own. Not only did he find the cure, he found a quick way to help everyone in the area and that included Queen's own fighters as well. This throws Queen for a loop as he did not expect a random pirate doctor to find such a cure, and this only fuels Chopper's anger as he's seen Queen be so destructive with his bio-weaponry.

Chopper's angry that Queen had used viruses against his own crewmates, and Queen has no real feelings for them as he even asked them all to die earlier in the chapter. They even turn traitor on Queen and help Chopper to deal one major blow directly to him. With one final bout of revenge, Chopper uses his Rumble Ball to transform into his monster form and smacks Queen right in the face as their clash comes to an end.

It's unclear as to whether or not this is the end of this fight, but now Chopper's got a clear victory against Queen and a clear cut victory is more than many of the other Straw Hats have had in this war so far. But what did you think of Chopper and Queen facing off like this in the newest chapter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!