One Piece Reveals Why Kaido Needs Yamato ASAP

One Piece Wano Country arc is speedily approaching the war between Luffy and the rebel forces and [...]

One Piece Wano Country arc is speedily approaching the war between Luffy and the rebel forces and Kaido and Big Mom's combined might, and the newest chapter of the series revealed why Kaido has been calling out for his son, Yamato, for the past few chapters leading to his grand announcement. As Kaido has been teasing ever since Luffy and the others made their way into his home base of Onigashima, he had to make a big announcement about the future of the country and desperately needed his son to be around when he made this grand decree.

Even going as far as tasking his six strongest warriors, the Tobi Roppo, with finding Yamato and bringing him to his side, Kaido eventually decides to make the announcement anyway. It's here that Kaido reveals his plans to completely revamp Wano into a pirate's paradise, and he needed his son to be with him because Yamato's supposed to be in charge of this new country.

In previous chapters, Kaido had been teasing something called the "New Onigashima Project." In Chapter 985 of the series, Kaido announces his full plan for this project which involves turning the remaining citizens of the country into a proper workforce in order to expand his weapons factories throughout the country.

One Piece Why Kaido Needs Yamato Explained Manga Spoilers
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With Wano's surrounding seas making it tough for outsiders to make it in, Kaido wants to make the country a place for his crew to amass their power and take on the next phase of his search for power together with Big Mom and her crew. He plans to call this new country, "New Onigashima" and wants to have his son Yamato as the new Shogun following his murder of the previous Shogun, Orochi.

But that's going to backfire as Yamato has other plans. Completely against his father's plans, Yamato has instead been worshipping Kozuki Oden's heroic nature and even plans to leave the country as part of Luffy's crew. That final issue has yet to be resolved, but it's clear that Yamato will not be made a Shogun of a terrible territory without fighting against his father. But what do you think?

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