One-Punch Man Dominates U.S. Manga Sales In The U.S.

Not satisfied with simply destroying the competition with one punch in his own series, Saitama is leveling the playing field in the world of book sales by overtaking the month of May 2019. The latest volume of One-Punch Man was released at the start of May and handily took the number one spot, joined by three other manga to fill the top four slots. Berserk, Dragon Ball Super, and My Hero Academia followed One-Punch Man, making the month manga-centric without a doubt.

Anime News Network broke the news on their Twitter Account from the NPD/Bookscan regarding the top book sellers from the month of May:

The latest volume of One-Punch Man, Volume 16, continues the story of Saitama and the Hero Association as they attempt to protect their city from monsters, as the "hero for fun" struggles with his heightened abilities. Following One-Punch Man was the release of "Berserk Deluxe Volume 1", which is a re-release of the first several volumes of the Berserk manga into a larger hardcover format.

One Punch Man Manga May 2019
(Photo: Viz Media)

After these two series, Dragon Ball Super's fifth manga volume took third place as it finished their version of the "Goku Black" arc. Finally, My Hero Academia's first volume once again took a spot in the top 10 for fans looking to either catch up with the series or revisit the beginning of Midoriya and UA Academy's journeys. The other manga series that placed in the top 20 included JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Black Clover, Junji Ito's Smashed, and One Piece.

Aside from manga, the other comic collections that hit the top of the spots included Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet, adaptations for both Stranger Things, The Legend of Korra, and Life Is Strange, DC Comics' Watchmen, and Godzilla Aftershock. The NPD itself takes its information from over 16,000 book stores, covering 85 percent of the US trade print book market.


What do you think of the top books that sold for the month of May 2019? Have you picked up the latest copy of One-Punch Man? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime.

One-Punch Man Season Two is streaming on Hulu. The season is directed by Chikara Sakurai for new production studio J.C. Staff. The new season is described as follows, "Saitama is a hero who only became a hero for fun. After three years of “special training,” he’s become so strong that he’s practically invincible. In fact, he’s too strong—even his mightiest opponents are taken out with a single punch. Now, the great seer Madame Shibabawa’s prediction about the Earth being doomed seems to be coming true as the frequency of monster incidents escalates. Alongside Genos, his faithful disciple, Saitama begins his official hero duties as a member of the Hero Association, while Garou, a man utterly fascinated by monsters, makes his appearance."