One-Punch Man Cliffhanger Shockingly Revives Major Hero

One-Punch Man has surprisingly brought a major hero back to life with the latest cliffhanger of the series! Yusuke Murata's illustrated take on ONE's original webcomic series has finally reached the end of the massive Human Monster saga after seven long years, and with it saw Saitama take on his strongest opponent in the series to date. But this fight actually has been going through a number of different kinds of varieties before it came to its ultimate end. All the while there was still a major fate hanging in the balance that brought Saitama into the fight in the first place.

Before the fight with Garou kicked off in full for Saitama, there were potentially different routes for the fight to take as the series actually tried to go about an entirely different ending before rewriting it soon after. It was then revealed that the real final fight with Garou was going to begin after Genos is taken out by Garou in one final desperate move against him. But with the fight against Garou ending and Saitama rising to a whole new level of power in the latest chapter, Genos' death has been completely rewritten as well as Saitama literally punched through time and space. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 166 of One-Punch Man brings Saitama and Garou's fight to an end as Garou realizes he's never going to surpass Saitama's supreme power. In one final bout to help, Garou uses his stolen god power to teach Saitama how to raise his own. The two of them watch one another gather each of their cosmic energies, and with this Saitama reaches a new god level of strength. This then rips apart time and space and sends him backwards to before his final fight with Garou actually began. And importantly, in this new timeline Genos is no longer dead. 

While Saitama still ends up with Genos' broken core in his hand with this new universe, the final pages of the chapter see Genos colliding with Saitama instead of colliding with Garou in a final desperate attack. It's here that it's confirmed that Genos is alive, and while Saitama might not remember too much about how the fight actually ended, this new timeline has been reset to defeat Garou before he truly used his Cosmic Fear Mode powers to their worst extent

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