Sonic and Mario Channel One-Punch Man with This Hilarious Video

One-Punch Man season two did not receive the best of praise, but its first season stands out amongst its shonen comrades. Saitama rose to fame because of the season's impressive fights and humor which fans miss a lot these days. And thanks to one animator, they decided to adapt one of One-Punch Man's best fights for two familiar video game mascots.

So if you are ready to see Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog duke it out, you need to check out the animator anima leal. The artist hit up Youtube this week with a hilarious fan-animation inspired by Saitama's first fight with Speed-o'-Sound Sonic. Their first encounter is one that continues to inspire memes, but this one takes the cake.

The artist's video, which can be found above, replaces Saitama with a version of Mario. The Nintendo mascot is plenty stoic as he faces down his fast enemy, but the speedy ninja has been placed with Sonic the Hedgehog. The pair have been given fitting anime makeovers to suit One-Punch Man, and Sonic is the first to start trash talking while Mario stands calmly.

one-punch man mario sonic

As you can see, the video uses dialogue from the first season of One-Punch Man, but the subs are a bit different. After all, Mario does mock some of Sonic's games, but the SEGA star will not have it. The character goes on to taunt Mario with his speed and joke about the plumber's tired ability to jump. That is when Sonic jumps at his enemy, but Mario is too fast for him.


What follows is a hilarious take on Saitama's near-fatal hit on Sonic from the anime. The hilarious imagining suits One-Punch Man's humor while riffing on any bad blood between the video game mascots. It is no surprise to see how viral this video has gone, and anime fans are eager to see what anima leal has up their sleeves next.

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