Pacific Rim: The Black Confirms Its Final Season Premiere Date

It looks like Netflix is ready to bring one of its hit anime series to a close. According to a new report, the streaming service has confirmed Pacific Rim: The Black will end with its second season. The sci-fi series is expected to drop its final episode batch next month, so fans of the franchise won't want to miss out!

According to current reports, Pacific Rim: The Black will air its new season on April 19th. Legendary Television is overseeing the show along with Netflix as before, and this new season will follow its sibling leads as they take on higher stakes than ever before.

"In Season 2 of Pacific Rim: The Black, the journey is far from over. Our brave siblings Taylor and Hayley still hope to reach the safety of Sydney aboard Atlas Destroyer, the scaled-down training Jaeger left behind when Australia was evacuated," the season's blurb reads.

"With teenage assassin Mei and the mysterious human/kaiju hybrid bOy joining Taylor and Hayley, this makeshift family must cross a dangerous territory controlled by the bloodthirsty cult Sisters of the Kaiju. These zealots, led by the enigmatic High Priestess, are convinced that bOy is their long-awaited Messiah and will stop at nothing to indoctrinate him into their dark circle – something Hayley would sacrifice everything to prevent."

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For those unfamiliar with this spin-off, Pacific Rim: The Black debuted in March 2021 under developers Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle. Polygon Pictures produced the show's CG animation, and the anime takes place far after the events of Pacific Rim: Uprising. The seven-episode series follows two siblings fighting to survive in Australia after the continent is overtaken by kaiju. And when they discover a decommissioned Jaeger named Atlas Destroyer, the siblings must work together to reclaim their home from monsters and more.

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