Pokemon Is Now Selling a 5-Foot Slowpoke Plush

You can buy your own giant Slowpoke from the Pokemon franchise right this instant.

The Pokemon series has continued for decades, thanks in part to the franchise introducing scores of new pocket monsters and regions in its history. While there are hundreds of Pokemon that make up the fictional world that took anime and gaming by storm, it all began with the first generation that challenged trainers on the small screen. Now, Pokemon fans can pick up one of the strangest pocket monsters of all time as a five foot plush Slowpoke has been released online.

Slowpoke is certainly one of the weirdest Pokemon to arrive as part of the franchise's first generation, seeming more similar to the likes of Psyduck and Snorlax when it came to its aloofness. Despite it's vacant stare, the Pokemon had the ability to see quite a few evolutions in its time, evolving into the likes of Slowbro and Slowking to start. When the franchise introduced the Galar region, Slowpoke was given wild new styles thanks to the environment, transforming itself from a water-type Pokemon to a poison-type. While Slowpoke was never on the same power level as the likes of Charizard or Mewtwo, the aloof Pokemon has certainly garnered quite the following amongst the Pokemon fan community. 

Slowpoke Plush Makes Landfall

You can find the new plush on The Pokemon Center's Website, but be forewarned, this new Slowpoke plush will cost you a pretty penny. Retailing for around $450 USD, the new plush is set to arrive this November. Here's how the site describes the new collectable, "We may never know what Slowpoke is thinking—or if it's even thinking at all—but its willingness to happily laze the day away is worthy of admiration. With this jumbo Slowpoke plush by your side at home, school, or work, you'll always have a reminder of the importance of taking it a little slow from time to time."

(Photo: The Pokemon Center)

When it comes to Pokemon's anime, the latest series, Pokemon Horizons, finally made its way to Netflix for North American fans dying to see what the television show has in store now that Ash has "retired" as protagonist. While a handful of installments arrived on the streaming service, the series has continued to release new episodes in Japan and hopefully, Liko and Roy will continue to hit the West.

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