Will Pokemon's New Anime Take Place In a New Universe?

Pokemon is having a busy month, wouldn't you say? With the brand prepping for Pokemon Day later this month, all eyes are on its video games and anime now that 2023 is in swing. The latter is drumming up tons of attention given Ash's upcoming exit, and Pokemon just updated fans on what they can expect from its next series. But now, fans are wondering whether or not the brand-new title will have anything to do with the world built up by Ash Ketchum.

The whole debate began recently as Pokemon posted an official synopsis for fans to read. The 2023 series confirms its leads and Paldea starters in the blurb, but one excerpt made fans pause. After all, the synopsis says the show is a "new series [with] a new dream and adventure."

Of course, this snippet could be talking about the show's leads and their new dream compared to Ash, but netizens are not convinced entirely. In fact, it turns out some are worried this blip means the 2023 series is taking place in a new universe. After all, the Pokemon anime confirmed it existed in a multiverse long ago, so this theory isn't too-too wild.

Of course, The Pokemon Company has given little info on this upcoming series, so this continuity rumor is just that for now. The idea has certainly set the anime fandom ablaze as netizens are split about the idea. On one hand, Pokemon has explored its multiverse on the big screen with success, and a totally new continuity would give Pokemon's new leads room to breathe. However, the loss of history build up by Ash would be hard for old-school fans to accept.

Hopefully, it will not be long before Pokemon gives fans an update on what's to come in its new anime. Pokemon Day will take place before the end of February, and netizens are crossing their fingers for an anime update then.

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