Pokemon Star Says Ash's Champion Status Doesn't Make Him A Master

Decades ago, fans met a boy who dreamt of being the very best like no one ever was. Pokemon found [...]

Decades ago, fans met a boy who dreamt of being the very best like no one ever was. Pokemon found great success with gamers, but its anime takeover shot both Pikachu and a kid named Ash Ketchum to International stardom. After more than 1,000 episodes, the pair are still going on strong, and Ash made history this last week thanks to his first-ever Pokemon League win.

Of course, fans were quick to celebrate the victory, but their joy turned to fear when they realized Ash's story may be over. Millions have become very attached to the hero, so their anxiety makes sense. And if you're one of those scared Pokemon fans, take a second to breathe deep.

After all, the Japanese voice actress behind Ash has spoken up about the boy, and she has confirmed his journey to becoming a Pokemon Master hasn't been fulfilled.

Recently, Oricon did an interview with Rika Matsumoto, the actress behind Ash (or Satoshi) in Japan. It was there the star told the publication Ash has yet to become a Master even though he is not considered a Champion.

"Even though Satoshi won his first Pokemon League, the way to become a Pokémon Master isn't over," translator Primaster shared with fans.

Of course, this news has fans feeling confident, and they are glad Matsumoto is still connected to Ash. If the hero were truly about to be retired, the actress would have little reason to make note of the hero's unfinished goal. So from here on out, it looks like Ash has more to do before he can actually pack it in. However, fans are not sure what else the character needs to do to reach Master status, but they may find out soon enough. Earlier this year, reports went live confirming a new Pokemon anime would go live in 2020 and be unlike any before it. The series will visit multiple regions including Galar, and this sort of travel might be required for Ash to reach Master status. The Pokemon Company has promised to share new details about the show on September 29, so here's to hoping Ash stays on top of things with the new venture.

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