Rumored Pokemon Anime Leak Riles Up Anime Shippers

The next Pokemon anime is currently amping up fan anticipation, as Ash will begin his "world tour" as the champion of the Alola League Tournament. After "decades" of attempting to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world, Ketchum has finally managed to score a win on his long quest. Now, sharing the spotlight as a protagonist with the young trainer Gou, rumors are beginning to swirl not just about Ash and his Pokemon that will be making appearances, but also, a potential romantic relationship in the works for our young trainer Ash Ketchum.

Twitter User KGPrestige shared a rumor that touches upon not just the new Charmander that will apparently be appearing in the series, but also the fact that Ash may just have a crush on a certain character now famous for the upcoming Pokemon: Sword and Shield game with Gloria:

While details continue to emerge for the anime series that will follow Pokemon: Sun and Moon's conclusion, we still don't know a TON about the characters that will appear and the adventures that both Ash and Gou will find themselves encountering. With Ash having a championship finally under his belt, how will that big W affect his character and will more trainers be gunning for him to boost their own reputations?

Gloria will be one of the main protagonists appearing in the soon to be released Nintendo Switch exclusive Pokemon game coming out next month, November 2019. We don't know a lot about her character but it's clear that she's set on a similar path to Ash's so we'll have to see if that shared goal brings these two kids together.

The other big rumor that's shown here is the idea that the Charmander that appears here will actually be the son of Ash's original Charmander. This leads to quite a time paradox considering Ash has basically stayed the same age since the beginning of the franchise, but there are some things that fans can move past when following the story. Ash's Charmander eventually evolved into a Charizard, becoming one of Ketchum's biggest "aces in the hole".


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