A 'Pokemon' Meme Comes To Life With This Recipe

Pokemon has an interesting anime history, and plenty of it is tangled up in memes. Ash Ketchum just seems to be a magnet for viral jokes, and the anime's censors have made it all the worse. However, it looks like one of show's best memes is more real than not these days.

After all, Brock's famous "jelly-filled donuts" are an actual thing you can make.

For those unaware of the joke, all you have to do is revisit Pokemon's early days in the U.S. When the anime was brought overseas, it was dubbed into English by 4KIDS at first. The studio is best-known for its odd translation quirks, and its localizers went too far with their take on onigiri.

The traditional Japanese food may be constructed out of rice and seaweed, but 4KIDS had Brock call the snacks his favorite jelly-filled donuts. The odd localization became a talking point amongst fans, and it is recognized as one of Pokemon's funnier cross-culture blips. However, one fan decided it was time Brock really go some jelly-filled donuts, so they whipped out a recipe for "onigiri" donuts.

If you check out Pretty Cake Machine's website, you will find a recipe for the Pokemon Jelly-Filled Donuts. The full recipe will take a bit of baking skill, but its steps are clear to follow. For those desperate to rectify Brock's broken taste buds, you can really give him jelly-filled donuts if you're willing to work with modeling chocolate.

Note, you can also use Marzipan... which itself sounds like a Pokemon. Maybe that is the best ingredient to use here then...?

So, will you be trying out this recipe for yourself? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!


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