Pokemon's Next Film Surfaces Online with New Teaser

If you are obsessed with Pokemon, then you know the franchise has had a busy year. Not only did a live-action movie drop for Detective Pikachu, but a fan-favorite film got an animated makeover in the summer. Months ago, Japan saw Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution debut, and the film will get a successor soon enough.

Thanks to Twitter, a teaser has surfaced for the next Pokemon movie to join the canon. The feature was announced at Anime Expo 2019, but no footage of the reveal ever surfaced. Now, the footage has gone live, and it shows how the film will look when it debuts next summer.

As you can see above, the footage, shows a gorgeously animated 2D background. The reel is set in a forest with a large waterfall going in the background. Before long, fans can see Pikachu join the scene, and the Pokemon runs around before finding a rope. Pikachu pulls on the rope to unveil the logo of Pokemon's next film, and the sign confirms the movie will debut in Summer 2020.

Looking at this animation, fans feel certain the anime is going back to a 2D style. This summer, the franchise took a risk when it reanimated the original Mewtwo Strikes Back film in 3DCG which many fans balked out. After the film debuted, Pokemon lovers admitted the makeover was an interesting one, but it seems the franchise is going back to its roots next year.


This upcoming film is not the only project when The Pokemon Company is working on. Next month, fans will be treated to a special premiere as the next season of Pokemon the Series will go live. The all-new season will focus on Generation Eight but with a twist. Rather than taking place entirely in Galar, the show will follow Ash and his new co-lead Gou as they travel throughout the Pokemon regions in the hopes of reaching their respective goals. The show will debut on November 17 just in time to welcome the next generation of Pokemon games.

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