Pokemon Highlights Its New Anime Villains

Pokemon is gearing up to say goodbye to Ash Ketchum after 25 long years of adventuring through the anime, and the Pokemon series is getting ready for its next era by highlighting the new villains for the next anime series! When Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master airs its final episode in Japan later this week, Ash will officially leave the anime and he'll be replaced in the next series with two new trainers starting their adventures from the very beginning. This will introduce a whole new story with its own characters, and of course, includes new Pokemon anime villains in these changes too. 

The next Pokemon series will be kicking off its run in Japan next month as part of the Spring 2023 anime schedule, and fans have gotten to see some more of what to expect from Liko and Roy's story before the new Pokemon anime makes its debut. This includes a close look at the new group of villains coming in the Pokemon anime known as "The Explorers," and Pokemon anime's official Twitter account has dropped a closer look at the character designs for this villainous new group: 

Pokemon Introduces the New Anime's Villains

This new team coming to Pokemon's new anime is known as The Explorers, and they are likely led by the first main character introduced, Amegeo (who will be voiced by Shun Horie in the anime), who uses a Ceruledge as his main Pokemon partner. Then filling out the rest of the group are the likes of Zir (voiced by Kosuke Tanabe) who uses Rhydon as his main partner, Conia (voiced by Arisa Shida) who uses a Golduck, and finally a costumed mystery character named "Gurumin," voiced by Yoshino Aoyama. 

Pokemon's new anime series is scheduled to premiere on April 14th in Japan, and internationally has yet to set a release window. The voice cast for the new series currently includes Minori Suzuki as Liko, Yuka Tersaki as Roy, Taku Yasuhiro as Friede, and Ikue Otani as Captain Pikachu. Directed by Saori Deni, with Daiki Tomoyasu as creative director, The Pokemon Company teases the new series as such, "The new series will be a new dream and adventure set in the entire Pokémon world, where Liko and Roy will go on adventures with many Pokémon, including Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly."

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