Pokemon's Sandshrew Mascots Are Too Cute For Words

Pokemon fans know the franchise is one of the cutest out there, and it has no plans to reign in [...]

Pokemon fans know the franchise is one of the cutest out there, and it has no plans to reign in those levels. Over the decades, The Pokemon Company has introduced some real cute creatures, and it made them doubly so with some mascots.

And now? Well, one Japanese prefecture is living its best life with two Pokemon mascots, and they are as cute as can be.

For those who didn't know, the Japanese prefecture of Tottori has got some cute mascots backing it these days. The region was gifted two Sandshrew mascots by The Pokemon Company to promote its famous sand dunes, and a new video has gone live capturing the cuties in action.

As you can see below, a video was posted earlier this month in Tottori by someone looking to get on the subway. It was there the the regular Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew mascots showed up to surprise everyone.

"Please come Tottori Prefecture where Pokemon live in the station," the video's caption reads.

As the video shows, the two Sandshrew are seen wearing ribbons and standing before a crowd. The people on the subway are a clearly loving the Pokemon, and they are surely happy to the duo are still around. After all, initial reports suggested the Sandshrew duo would be around Tottori for a limited time before leaving in January. However, it seems videos of the gang are still around, and there is a good chance the mascots are just waiting for you to visit them.

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