Pokemon Synopsis Teases a Major Evolution

Pokemon's anime has been shaking things up more than fans have ever expected. It broke the franchise formula of adapting whatever the most recent video game release was doing and tied Ash Ketchum and his companions to a single location by having Ash return to the Kanto region and sporadically visit other regions in the franchise so far. But the other major shake up came with the introduction of a new hero, Go, who's journey with his own adorable partner Pokemon Scorbunny is one of the anchors of the newest series. But...that might be changing.

What could be another major shake up in a series that continues to shake things up the more it goes on, Scorbunny just might be heading to an evolution much sooner than expected. Usually the Pokemon in the series rarely evolve, and when they do it's to capitalize on months worth of storytelling between the Pokemon and their partner. A new synopsis for the anime, however, teases that there might be an evolution for Scorbunny on the way.

A new promo for an upcoming episode has the following tease for Scorbunny, "Something happens to [Scorbunny]?! [Scorbunny has gained lots of experience alongside Go. And when it discovers a new power, it...?!" Now fans are wondering if this means Scorbunny is evolving or is learning some sort of new attack.

An evolution for Scorbunny this few episodes in would be a shock to fans especially considering this adorable bunny has made a huge impact in just its short time on screen. It's essentially served as a second mascot Pokemon who gets a little more screentime than Pikachu sometimes. It does battle occasionally (with more action in the most recent episodes), but Go's journey to catch more Pokemon sees him catching them without a battle necessary most of the time.


Evolving wouldn't make much sense for the story this soon or the countless Scorbunny anime merchandise, but there's really no way to tell as this anime has been changing so much already. But what do you think? Do you think Pokemon's anime is getting ready for Scorbunny's evolution? If so, would it be too soon or just at the right time? Or do you think Scorbunny's going to be learning a new move instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!