This Pokemon Art Gives Your Favorite Starters Their Own Gundam Mech

Pound for pound, it would be tough to find two anime franchises that could stop the combined popularity of both Pokemon and Gundam. Though the two franchises couldn't be more different with one usually focusing on life or death space battles, while the other tends to place a spotlight on a lighter fare of pocket monsters battling one another at the request of their trainers. Now, one fan artist has decided to merge the two franchises together in an ingenious amalgamation that features numerous Pokemon getting their very own Gundam suits.

Instagram User Villiam Boom shared their designs for these mech suits that reflected the three Pokemon starters that appeared in the video games, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, doing an excellent job of conveying their designs into a robotic format:

As you know, the first three starters of the Pokemon series were Charizard, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle, with Pikachu being added into the anime series as a starter for Ash Ketchum to take on as his own. If you're a fan of all the different Gundam series that have appeared throughout the decades, you'll probably know that these new interpretations would fit in perfectly with some of the crazier designs that we've seen.

Gundam Mon
(Photo: Sunrise & The Pokemon Company)

Specifically, the anime series of G Gundam follows a fighting tournament wherein different martial arts fighters from across the globe compete by transfering their skills into the Gundams that they pilot, making for far more insane battles than the usual sword, shield, and gun fights that the mech franchise was known for. With each country having their own representative Gundam, you would see Gundams that were modeled after cactii and even one that appeared to be completely made out of a windmill.


The two franchises do have more in common than you'd think however, as the Gundam Build series has mech suits being collected in the form of Gundam Models dubbed Gunplas, as if they were Pokemon themselves. Large robots also are something that we've seen before in the Pokemon franchise, with Team Rocket busting one out every now and then in an attempt to capture Pikachu or any other wild Pokemon that may cross the paths of Jesse, James, and Meowth.

What do you think of these amazing fan creations that merge the two monolothic anime franchises? What other Pokemon would you like to see be given their own Gundams? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime!