Pokemon: Ash Ketchum's English Voice Actor Shares Her Final Moments in The Series

Pokemon has brought Ash's final episodes to the US and Sarah Natochenny has shared a behind-the-scenes look at her finale.

The time has finally arrived when fans in North America can say farewell to arguably the greatest Pokemon trainer the world has ever seen. Ash Ketchum's final episodes are now on Netflix in Pokemon: To Be A Pokemon Master and Sarah Natochenny, the voice actor that has been bringing Ash to life for over seventeen years, is as devastated to say goodbye as anyone. To help in celebrate Ash's well-earned retirement from the anime following his Masters 8 Tournament win, Natochenny shared a behind-the-scenes video of her saying goodbye to her character.

The first voice actor, as Pokemon fans might know, to voice Ash in the English Dub was Veronica Taylor, who has also had roles in other big anime series including Sailor Moon, Shaman King, and Dragon Ball Super to name a few. In 2006, Ash's voice was brought to life thanks to Sarah Natochenny, who has followed the character's progress for quite some time. Natochenny, like Taylor before her, has a history in the anime world, as she has been a part of major franchises such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Winx. Following Ash's departure, Netflix will bring Pokemon Horizons to North America as well, so it's possible that Natochenny could make a comeback as a character in Liko and Roy's story. 

Sarah Natochenny Says Goodbye To Ash Ketchum

Natochenny shared a new video of a teary goodbye to the character that she has been voicing for over seventeen years, while also sharing a message with Pokemon fans, "Months ago, I filmed myself watching the freshly dubbed last scene of Pokémon: To Be a Pokémon Master in the studio. I have no idea if I can watch it all now. I'm told it's incredible with music and effects. I hope you're enjoying it (on Netflix US now)!"

Netflix hasn't confirmed when we can expect Pokemon Horizons to arrive on the streaming service, though the first episode's English Dub was screened at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. If you're unfamiliar with the new series, it follows new trainers Liko and Roy as they attempt to dodge new villains, The Explorers, while also gaining new allies in the Rising Volt Tacklers. With a number of episodes already having aired in Japan, the streaming service will have plenty of stories to bring to North America following Ash's departure.