Pokemon Coco Releases New Key Art

Pokemon Coco is the next feature length film that will be taking place in the universe of Ash [...]

Pokemon Coco is the next feature length film that will be taking place in the universe of Ash Ketchum and his trusty Pikachu, introducing a brand new legendary Pokemon as well as a jungle like environment, and a new piece of key art shows that Zarude, the pocket monster in question, won't be alone in the upcoming movie. With this being the first movie taking place during the latest season of the long running anime, Pokemon Journeys, it will be interesting to see what new events take place in the jungle adventure for Ash and his new friends.

Like so many other anime properties, Pokemon Coco was also affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with the original summer release of the film having to be moved to winter of this year. While the exact release date for the upcoming Pokemon adventure hasn't been revealed as of yet, fans were ecstatic to see that the next journey for Ash Ketchum would still be released in 2020. With Pokemon Journeys showing off a new side to Ash, in that he is now a Pokemon Champion having won the Alola League Tournament in the previous season of Pokemon Sun And Moon, it will definitely be worth seeing how the new movie takes this into account!

Twitter Outlet Serebii.Net showed off this brand new key art from Pokemon Coco, showing that the creepy looking pocket monster of Zarude will seemingly be clashing with other legendary creatures of his own kind, swinging high above the ground throughout the jungle:

Ash won't be alone during this upcoming film, as he is joined by a mysterious "Tarzan-like" character who swings alongside Zarude in the movie itself, and what would the Pokemon anime be without Team Rocket also making an appearance. The villainous enclave has an unknown role in the movie, but it's clear that Jesse, James, and Meowth will have an instrumental part in this jungle adventure that will mark for the latest feature length film in the popular anime franchise!

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