Yes, Pokemon Really Signed Up Eevee for Japan New Pro-Wrestling

When it comes to Pokemon, you may not think the series is all about pranking people, and that is [...]

When it comes to Pokemon, you may not think the series is all about pranking people, and that is correct for the most part. There are very few times the franchise has outright toyed with fans, but it does happen. April fools' Day regularly sees Pokemon yank its fans' chains, but there is one prank that goes above and beyond.

After all, Eevee was once turned into a professional wrestler and nobody was the wiser. New Japan Pro-Wrestling never saw the newcomer coming, and all fans know is that the organization is lucky Eevee backed out of their matches at the last moment.

For those of you who missed this excellent joke, it came around over a year ago. To celebrate April Fools' Day, New Japan Pro-Wrestling updated its website with a roster change. Without any warning, Eevee was added to the line up with its own profile page and everything.

The profile confirmed Eevee weighed a paltry 6.5 kilograms and had a few special techniques. Baby Doll Eyes was a favorite with fans, but Take Down was agreed to be the best finisher.

According to the website, Eevee was a late addition to the organization, but it had good reason to join. The Pokemon wanted nothing more than to unlock its evolution, and it hoped joining the New Japan Pro-Wrestling league would help. In fact, the pocket monster was set to fight the wrestler EVIL on April 1st, but it never panned out. After all, the whole thing was just an elaborate prank, and fans are grateful. After all, Eevee's type is not the best against fighting-type Pokemon, so there's no way the creature would have done well against EVIL. That is, unless this Eevee mascot had been hitting gyms left and right to train itself up with some sweet, sweet EXP.

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