Pokemon Generations Easter Egg Hidden in Plain Sight

The 2016 anime miniseries Pokemon Generations had a fun Easter egg referencing one of Magnemite's [...]

The 2016 anime miniseries Pokemon Generations had a fun Easter egg referencing one of Magnemite's abilities. Back in 2016, The Pokemon Company released Pokemon Generations, an 18 episode anime series that focused on different Pokemon regions and different moments from the Pokemon game. In episode 4, Lance of the Kanto/Johto Elite Four battles members of Team Rocket while investigating their secret base in the Lake of Rage. At one point, Lance's Dragonite fights four Pokemon all at once and knocks three of them out with its Flamethrower attack. But as pointed out on Reddit earlier this week, Lance's Dragonite required a second attack to knock out Magnemite, despite Magnemite's weakness to Fire-type attacks. The reason? Magnemite has the Sturdy ability, which gives it the power to survive one hit knockout attacks with 1 HP.

In Pokemon Generations Episode 4, all of Team Rocket's Pokemon fainted from Dragonite's attack except Magnemite, which required another attack to faint it. This is due to Magnemite's Sturdy ability. from r/pokemon

The moment is one of many in Pokemon Generations that references game mechanics or moments in the game that aren't usually mentioned in Pokemon media. While we've seen some Abilities in the main Pokemon anime series, this is a rare moment where we see a relatively unexciting Ability get a subtle spotlight. There are tons of similar Easter eggs in the series, focusing on everything from little moments not seen in the Pokemon games to wonderful locations from all around the Pokemon world.

All eighteen episodes of Pokemon Generations are available on the Pokemon Company's YouTube channel. Each episode is only 3-5 minutes long and feature many of the iconic heroes and villains from the Pokemon franchise, along with an innovative look at Pokemon battles and how people use Pokemon in everyday life.