Pokemon Journeys: Here's How Sobble Was Really Caught

Pokemon Journeys is the first anime to tackle the Galar region, and fans have seen plenty of its monsters so far. Of course, Goh was one of the first trainers to pick up a Galarian Pokemon after Scorbunny fell for the boy, and it seems like another starter has joined his team.

Yes, that is right! Goh was able to persuade Sobble to join his team after a few solid interactions. Despite the Water-type's tendency to cry, Goh handled the Sobble well enough, and the most recent episode of Pokemon Journeys ended up giving the boy Sobble on accident.

"I just tossed a valuable Poke Ball without thinking! Sobble's data will be added to the Index," Goh said after letting his Poke Ball slip.

As you can see, Goh and Ash were stunned by the mistake while Pikachu was simply curious. The gang was even more freaked out when Sobble joined the gang and did not fight to leave the Poke Ball. Fans think this is because Sobble was too scared to resist capture given his timid nature, but there is also a chance destiny is what brought the two together in Pokemon Journeys.


The fact that Sobble was caught on an accident has fans rolling with laughter as it was wholly unexpected. Pokemon can be frivolous when it comes to trainers catching certain monsters. However, that is usually not the case for starters. That goes doubly so for the starter trio in Pokemon's new generation, so fans expected Sobble to get more fanfare. Now, the only creature left to find is Grookey, so let's hope Ash bonds with the Leaf-type whenever one should show up.

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