Pokemon Journeys Reveals Sobble's Upsetting Intro to Ash and Pikachu

Sobble recently made his big debut in the latest season of the anime of the pocket monsters in Pokemon Journeys and his arrival proves to be quite upsetting for both Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Gou, and several of their Pokemon that find themselves soaked in their own tears! As fans of the franchise know, Sobble is one of the starter Pokemon that appeared in the latest video game of the series in Pokemon Sword And Shield, acting as the water type monster among the trio that also consisted of Grookey and Scorbunny to help trainers on their journeys through the Galar Region.

"Sobbing Sobble" was the title of the latest episode of Pokemon Journeys, seeing Sobble arrive and putting one of his strangest powers to good use when encountering both Ash, Go, and Team Rocket. One of the strangest consequences of being close to Sobble is that it causes both people and Pokemon alike to burst into tears, much like encountering a cut onion, only multiplied hundreds of times over. In the episode, the timid pocket monster is caught by Gou but Sobble escapes only to run into Team Rocket, causing the two protagonists to once again butt heads with the nefarious group of Pokemon snatchers.

Twitter User AnipokeFandom shared some screenshots from the latest anime episode of Pokemon Journeys that feature Ash, Gou, and their respective pocket monsters sobbing with the arrival of Sobble, following his big role in the Nintendo Switch exclusive video game:

Pokemon Journeys has done a fantastic job of giving both Ash and Gou insanely strong rosters, with Gou having added Sobble to his roster and Ash having taken the likes of Dragonite and Gengar to his ever expanding library of pocket monsters. As the pair continue their journey to become the best trainers in the world, more elements of the Galar Region are being introduced with each episode and the main challenge for Ash to take on will come in his foreshadowed battle with the current champion of the land in Leon!

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