New Pokemon Journeys Title Teases Mewtwo's Revival

Pokemon Journeys is booked for the next few weeks with a new arc, but it will not be long before the show puts its 'Sword and Shield' story to a close. Fans are looking forward to what the anime has in store next, and it seems Mewtwo will fit into its plans. Thanks to a new episode title, fans have learned the legendary monster is preparing its return, and someone may be able to catch Mewtwo when all is said and done.

The tease came when some new episode titles surfaced for Pokemon Journeys. It was then social media began buzzing as users like Dephender shared translated versions of the titles, and episode 46 will have plenty to do with Mewtwo.

pokemon mewtwo anime
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

According to the recent translations, episode 46 will be titled "Battling and Getting! The Revival of Mewtwo". At this point, there is no synopsis out for the upcoming episode, but the release will come out in late November. This means it will take place after the 'Sword and Shield' arc, so there is no telling how Mewtwo comes into the anime.

Of course, fans do have their suspicions. Many think the legendary Pokemon shows up courtesy of a raid battle. Ash and Goh already encountered such a raid when they battled Zapdos head on. However, the title of this episode leads fans to believe someone will catch Mewtwo. And if Goh beats out Ash for the catch, well - you can imagine how angry netizens are going to be.

After all, Mewtwo is not a fan of being captured to start, and Ash has the most enduring history with the Pokemon to date. Goh has yet to prove himself worthy of a legendary Pokemon let alone one like Mewtwo. That could change by the end of the anime's 'Sword and Shield' arc. But for now, we can only hope Mewtwo manages to escape capture later next month.


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