Pokemon Journeys Reveals Ash's First Fossil Catch

Pokemon Journeys has seen Ash Ketchum capturing some of the strongest pocket monsters that he's ever encountered on his journey to becoming one of the best trainers in the world, adding the likes of Dragonite and Gengar to his ever-expanding roster, but it seems as if the young trainer has also added his first "fossil" Pokemon to his library of creatures. Though Ash and Goh still have the trainers of the Galar Region in their sites as the main conquest of their current journey, it's clear that the two are trying to add more powerful members to their respective rosters before moving forward!

Dracovish, the fossil Pokemon that Ash caught in the fiftieth episode of Pokemon Journeys, is a creature that was first brought to life via the Nintendo Switch exclusive game for the franchise, Pokemon Sword And Shield. This fossil Pokemon is definitely one of the stranger looking monsters of the anime franchise's roster, being both a water type and dragon-type creature that looks like it was two Pokemon smashed together. Dracovish is the fifth Pokemon that Ash has caught so far in the latest season of the anime, and we would imagine that he will at least catch one more before venturing out for some rematches.

Twitter User The Pofe Raf shared this break down of Dracovish who has recently been added to Ash Ketchum's ever expanding roster of creatures that he is compiling in order to take down not only the majority of Galar Region's trainers, but the "main prize" in the current champion of the region in Leon:

Pokemon is set to have a big year in 2021, not simply because the anime series will be continuing the story of Ash and Goh, but the twenty-third feature-length film of the franchise, Pokemon Coco, is set to arrive that will introduce Ketchum to a brand new legendary Pokemon that resides within the jungle.

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