Pokemon Journeys Promises an Epic Dragonite Showdown

Ash Ketchum and Goh have been wasting no time in exploring their world, capturing stronger pocket monsters in the new series of the anime, Pokemon Journeys, and it seems that the return of an old character will have the protagonist pitting his newly captured Dragonite against a member of its own race! With an upcoming episode teasing at the arrival of Iris, the Pokemon trainer that originally appeared in Pokemon The Series: Black And White and the video game of the same name, it's clear that this will be one of the biggest battles for Ash within the new season of the anime to date!

Over the course of this new season of Pokemon's anime, we've seen Ash and Goh attempt to battle against the trainer of the Galar Region, working toward capturing some of the strongest pocket monsters that the pair have ever encountered. Ash particularly has added creatures to his roster that are arguably the strongest that he has ever added to his "Pokemon pack", with Dragonite definitely being one of the strongest. With the series hinting at Iris' big return of the series, this Dragonite battle is definitely going to test the mettle of Ash Ketchum and one of his strongest monsters!

Twitter User Treman1 shared some still images from the upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys, showing that not only will Iris be returning, but her Dragonite will be returning as well, giving Ash's recent acquisition the biggest challenge that it has faced so far:

One of the main goals of Ash on this "victory tour" following his big win in the Alola Legion Tournament is defeating the current champion of the Galar Region, Leon. In Leon, he isn't just a disciplined trainer, but he has one of the strongest pocket monsters at his disposal in Charizard, presenting an interesting strategy for Ash who might just have to pit his dragon against the fire dragon of Galar's champ.

Are you hyped for this Dragonite battle that is on the way? What other characters from Ash's past would you like to see return in the latest season of the anime, Pokemon Journeys? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon!