New ’Pokemon’ Anime Movie Drops First Teaser

Are you ready to catch some more Pokemon? If you can wait a few months, then you can join Ash Ketchum on another adventure with Pikachu. The first teaser for a brand-new Pokemon anime feature has dropped, and its breathtaking animation has fans stunned.

The trailer, which can be seen above, is a gorgeous one that focuses on Ash and Pikachu. It begins over the ocean as the camera pans towards Ash and Pikachu on a cliff. The wind blows off Ash’s hat before a girl with blond hair is seen. The heroine then picks up a PokeBall at her feet before her eyes widen.

Little is known about the anime feature right now, but a few details were made known in the teaser. The film will be released on July 13, 2018 in Japan and seems to follow up the franchise's latest movie release. The film is also a rather unique one thanks to its animation partnership. OLM will oversee the film as usual, but the production team will work alongside Wit Studio on the upcoming feature. The animation studio is best-known for works like Attack on Titan, so you can just imagine what this new movie will look like.

Hopefully, Ash and Pikachu will avoid any grim reminders on their journey.

The teaser also gives fans a peak at its crew. Shizue Kaneko is credited as the film’s new character designer. Kunihio Yuyama is credited as the animation supervisor while Tetsuo Yajima acts as director. The latter should be a familiar name to Pokemon fans as he oversaw direction on parts of the Pokemon XY series and helped on the franchise’s latest anniversary venture.


Earlier this year, Pokemon: I Choose You hit theaters to celebrate the franchise's milestone birthday. The movie retold the story of Ash's first meeting with Pikachu as their journey began and how they subsequently ran into the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh.

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