New Pokemon Art Imagines Eevee's Impressive Steel Evolution

Perhaps one of the most versatile pocket monsters of the series also is one of the most popular, as the many evolutions of Eevee have long been one of the biggest aspects of the Pokemon, and one fan has decided to take things up a notch by introducing a new evolution to the small creature with a steel form that has never been seen before! With currently eight evolved forms under its belt in the forms of Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon, this fan created evolution would fit right in.

Introduced as one of the "biggest" stars of the original generation of Pokemon, Eevee has played a big role throughout the history of the franchise, recently receiving one half of the video game series of Pokemon: Let's Go!, alongside the tried and true electric yellow rodent in Pikachu. Though Eevee hasn't played a huge role in the latest season of the anime that has shown Ash Ketchum and his friend Gou attempting to capture some of the strongest Pokemon in the world, we're sure that it's only a matter of time until this Pokemon with perhaps the most evolutions will swoop back into the series at some point in time!

Reddit Artist PTickles shared the first look at the artist's interpretation of the steel evolution of Eevee in "Guardeon", a metal type Pokemon that is created when "leveled up while knowing the ability of Mirror Coat", adding an amazing form to the packed forms of the small pocket monster:

This was the second Eeveelution in my project to create one for every unused type, the Steel-type, Guardeon! from r/pokemon

In the latest season of Pokemon Journeys, Ash and Gou are getting ready for a battle against the champion of the Galar Region, Leon, who made a splash when he was originally introduced in the Nintendo Switch exclusive game of Pokemon: Sword and Shield. With Ash having already added strong monsters to his roster like Dragonite and Gengar, Ketchum is certainly on his way to making good on the victory that he was able to claim when he was a part of the Alola League Tournament.

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