Pokemon Art Imagines Eevee's Perfect Ghost Evolution

Pokemon fans will never stop asking for more Eevee evolutions until they have gotten all they can. So far, only a handful of Eevee types have been shown to the world, and the latest generation of Pokemon failed to introduce more. Now, one fan has decided to make the other evolutions for themselves, and their take on Ghost Eevee is perhaps too perfect.

The artwork comes from PTickles on Reddit. The artist has been sharing their take on Eevee's missing evolutions. So far, they have done up a few, but this Ghost-type evolution called Omeon is as scary as it is adorable.

The Eevee evolution shares a similar body to Umbreon and is colored black for the most part. However, Omeon has white accent stripes on their ribs and paws. This accent runs up their neck and creates a skull-shaped pattern on their head. This ominous look is combined with a glowing purple tail that would make Ghastly feel right at home.

Here's the fourth Eeveelution from my project to create one for every unused type, the Ghost-type Omeon! from r/pokemon

This fan-made Pokemon is said to have the Cursed Body ability, and there would be a certain way to go about evolving this creature. If you wanted to get this Pokemon in the game, trainers would need to evolve their Eevee at night after it was given ectoplasm to hold.


Clearly, fans have been hyping up the Pokemon online, and they have started pitching alternate ways to evolve Eevee into Omeon in a perfect world. The evolution could be trigger by location, so fans have said Omeon should be attainable in the spookiest spots of a region. But for now, Pokemon fans will have to wait for any Ghost-type Eevee to appear as The Pokemon Company has yet to debut such a monster.

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