Latest ‘Pokemon’ Movie Trailer Reveals New Mythical Pokemon

There are few things more exciting than a new Pokemon movie, but Japan knows how to top that kind of hype. With more than a dozen movies under its belt, The Pokemon Company knows how to excite fans, and the its latest movie trailer did just that. After all, it did reveal a brand-new Mythical Pokemon to the world, and the creature is all kinds of adorable.

Not long ago, a new trailer for Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story went live, and it showed off more of its story. The gorgeous film will follow Ash (or Satoshi) as he and Pikachu take part in a festival and meet five new friends. The group gets entangled in a strange plot involving Lugia, but the Mythical Pokemon will not be alone. The classic creature will appear alongside a new mythical Pokemon called Zeraora.

As you can see above, the trailer gives a brief look at Zeraora in action. The Legendary Pokemon is known as the Thunderclap Pokemon and is a pure electric type. Zeraora can convert all electric-type damage to HP points in game, and its base stat spread totals up to 600 just like ever other Mythical Pokemon out there.

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

So far, reports indicate Zeraora will be available on Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon sometime this year, but no details have been released about its addition. The last Mythical Pokemon added offered for in-game downloads was Marshadow back in October 2017 for Pokemon Sun & Moon. The character then went on to appear in Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! last year.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 10.10.57 PM
(Photo: OLM / Wit Studios)

Of course, fans are excited to see how Zeraora will factor into this new Pokemon movie. The trailer shows the Pokemon interacting with one of the film’s young newcomers, and it shows off his sharp electric moves for split-second before the trailer fades to its end-card. As the third Mythical Pokemon of Generation VII, fans have plenty of expectations for the buzz-worthy Pokemon, and they can only hope Zeraora will get along with Lugia when the two finally meet.

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